Two kidney transplants later and in the midst of a pandemic, it's safe to say that Christmas 2020 was going to be less than merry. I went for a walk and the scenerywas rather gloomy. No trace of snow, no one, no party ... it was strange.

In order to bring a little sunshine into my own Christmas as well as that of others, I decided to switch the camera and the piano on and play a just under an hour of piano, Yes,live! Without preparation!


 I hope you enjoy it, it's straight from the heart!

Facebook live Christmas 2020

Le Grand jounal

After the publication of an article in Le Journal de Montréal stating that the experimental drug Fabrazyme would no longer be covered and that there could be interruption of treatment, Michel Sévigny Bélair is invited to Le Grand Journal for a live interview with Jean-Luc Mongrain.

March 10, 2004

Being the recipient of two kidney transplants, Michel Sévigny Bélair makes a video in order to pay tribute to the families of donors, as part of `` National Organ and Tissue Donation Week 2021''

He briefly talks about his experience and offers us a vocal and piano performance of a song that allowed him to move forward through the pandemic as well as through the most recent hardships

Elton john

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