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The piano and the bread!

The piano, my lifesaver

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I have had a long love / hate relatioship with the piano, but it was at the beginning of the pandemic and living in fear of dying, that I settled down again at my piano. One musical note at a time, a few minutes a day, helped me not only to rediscover this instrument, but to develop a passion for it, inspite of the physical pain, the anxiety and fear that stuck to my stomach.


It is as if each note becomes of utmost importance. So I play, as authentically as possible and with as much emotions as I can. While waiting for the videos to be displayed, it is without reserve that I humbly present to you two songs that I started to learn at the beginning of the pandemic and that I still practice today. I started practising Sirens in 2012.

I invite you to listen to the eighth podcast episode!

Speak to me

Amy Lee (Evanescence)

Voice from the stone (2017)

by the way there is 15 sec of silence at the beginning in order to respect the original version

Pas sans toi

Lara Fabian

Carpe diem (1994)


Stephan moccio

Exposure (2006)

The bread!

as well as...

In March 2020 when the lockdown was announced, I had just left the hospital, after having received a third cardiac defibrillation as well as having suffered a third spinal fracture caused by the defibrillation.

Alone, unsure about the future and ridden with anxiety through the rough, I had to face my life. Being on immunosuppressants (anti-rejection medication) put me at high risk of getting severe Covid-19 symptoms and that made it difficult to sustain myself.

So I decided to learn to make homemade bread, mainly in order to feed myself. More on the subject in the 5th podcast episode (only in french for the time being).

In the meantime, here's a little glimpse of what several months of apprenticeship have given. Baking projects video!


Traditional bread on liquid sourdough. (and yes ... IT IS EXCELLENT !!!) 

The bread of resilience


Resilience is also that ...