My little companion


The Cat!

A precious Companion

When I started this project, I had no idea what I would be sharing with you. As I speak about resilience, adaptation, as well as my way of evolving through adversity, I owe it to you to share all of what helps me on a daily basis.

This is Gizmo! My little companion who has been with me for more than six years. It is a gift from a precious friend. Despite the fact that he is not very affectionate, his presence is invaluable! I want to share a little of him with you, because he is partly responsible (indirectly) for all my progress so far. It's fascinating how much a pet can help both physically and psychologically. Pets are precious and must be cared for.


And you? do you have a pet?

Enjoy, cat lovers! He is a Blue point Siamese and he is almost 7 years old.

Here is Gizmo's development