After several years of living a life of pain in uncertainty and doubt, Michel Sévigny Bélair learns, in a most unusual way, that he is suffering from a rare genetic disease.

Fabry becomes the word that he can finally use to describe the strange conditions that have plagued him since childhood.

Not only does he live with a rare and serious disease with a life expectancy in the early 40's, but he has faced several major events that have changed the pictures of an already difficult life. It was after two kidney transplants, multiple surgeries, spine fractures, heart problem and the pandemic, that he decided to share his experience via a podacast and a Blog.

Having worked as a Paramedic for a few years, he invites us to discover his vision of life as much from the point of view of the caregiver as from the point of view of the patient. He shares with us his passion, his way of approaching resilience and everything that has allowed him to regain a taste for life, in spite of a rather uncertain future.

With the intent of helping others, he humbly shares with us part of if life and vast experience with the help of the podcast and the Blog "Resilience by Michel Sévigny Bélair" as well as the website.


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